The Brief

“To design, for a leading manufacturer, a multifunctional, flat pack TABLE and CHAIR that respond to the changes in style, colour and fashion from the single sheet, or its multiples, recycled card

Form: A multifunctional table and an accompanying chair. The size, scale and dimensions are at the discretion.

Materials: Rrecycled card should be used as the sole material. In order that there is no waste the design must be cut from a single sheet of material, or multiples of that single sheet.

Creative Guidelines

  • it is important that there is no waste and every part of the material is used
  • there can be a huge range of ideas about what is printed onto the card. This will allow for flexibility as fashions change
  • card is not malleable as a material so the shape and form of the design will have to be clear and simple
  • ideas about how people use furniture are important
  • existing ideas about sustainability and the environment should be challenged


Flexible, multiples, modular, shape, form, sustainable, environmental, fashion, disposable, ergonomics”

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