Being a blogger

Already few weeks I have been writing my blog. It is high time I summarized a little.

Small balance-sheet. What have I learned?

Mainly how to set up and write a blog what seems not so difficult with all the tools available. Of course you need to know the tools but there are plenty good people in the web, ready to help, moreover, they have already written almost everything what the beginner needs. You just only need to search and research a little and the fun can start. Is it really a fun? I think so… At least I had it.

Design? Was it helpful or is it helpful to have a blog while designing something? Hmmm… it is really difficult to say. There are pros and cons. To have some feedback from the people you need returning visitors that are at least as much interested in your project as you are. To have returning visitors you need to create an outstanding content to attract them what costs time. In general, having a blog costs time. Having a very good blog costs even more time. This is why I admire some bloggers you can find somewhere there.

In case of design, how do you think? Does it make sense to have a blog and write about the designing process while the piece of “art” is not ready? What about IP rights?

Problems? Spammers, spammers and again spammers. At the beginning, it is hard to distinguish them since posts sound normal, right, about nothing, with even for me 😉 wrong English but… But after sometime you know more than less although you do not know all the knowledge some IT magicians do 🙂

Maybe it would make a sense to have a blog concentrated on the “practical design” within some group of people, not to say some kind of private blog?

Or maybe blogging will be a must in companies of the future? Every day a written report 😉


AND YOU? What do you think about a blogging idea? Maybe you have already a blog and can share some opinions about it? What makes you writing it?

I would be really happy to hear about it from you.



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