Chair and Table: Final Solutions – updated

Please have a look at my 1:5 scale models final solutions to the given brief. I demonstrate the furniture and how they work.

I have updated this post and inserted videos uploaded into the what brought in sync presentations. I have left the old (you tube) ones for comparison.








And… some extras regarding the graphic design and the usage of the finished pieces of the furniture.




Origami Chair – Another Decoration Idea

Origami chair offers plenty of decoration opportunities. I have already shown different skins ideas one can only imagine but the possibility I like the most is the customized outlook one can do by himself depending on the mood, sense of humor, interior design or likes or dislikes.

Please have a look at the quick sketch how it could work:


In case of printing the image on the laminate, proper considerations should be given to the pattern. Please have a look in the sketch below to get an idea.

Pattern for printing decorations

Chair Skins Ideas

Hello again,

My chair decoration idea is very simple.

The basic set is based on the pure cardboard for the more eco-friendly passionates. From this basic solution it is advisable to create a few standard, laminated skins to be available at once and further on to create tailored-made solutions for those who want to use their own decoration motif. Thus, the catalog with the decoration skins would be accessible and the seller in cooperation with the printing office could offer as well customized, laminated decorations based on the delivered motif.

How the chair could look like?

Please, have a look and feel free to comment the presented idea.