Final Outcome. The 1:5 scale models.

Let me show you my 1:5 scale models.

There is a small problem with the table board model since for the small model, the cardboard is a bit too stiff to fold it very nicely. However, if you add a cm or two to the edge of the board, you will get a decent fold. Thus, I do not expect any problems in the 1:1 scale model.

The small problem with the chair I could imagine is not the most comfortable back support. For a longer period of usage I would suggest some foam or pillow. The chair gaining some support, in different heights, can offer a chaise long version: Now make a break! Relax!

Cardboard Furniture: Final Models

Cardboard Table: Final Model

Cardboard Origami Chair: Final Model


Explaining Some Ideas

The ideas I got while looking for the solutions I explained in the short video.


Chair Skins Ideas

Hello again,

My chair decoration idea is very simple.

The basic set is based on the pure cardboard for the more eco-friendly passionates. From this basic solution it is advisable to create a few standard, laminated skins to be available at once and further on to create tailored-made solutions for those who want to use their own decoration motif. Thus, the catalog with the decoration skins would be accessible and the seller in cooperation with the printing office could offer as well customized, laminated decorations based on the delivered motif.

How the chair could look like?

Please, have a look and feel free to comment the presented idea.


Furniture Ideas – Looking for the Solution

Hi again. Here, I want to share with you my very short presentation about finding the solution for the given brief.

The slide show presentation you can watch by opening or saving this file:


However, for a short overview, only the pure slides, you can click on the window below. Unfortunately, SlideShare is not ready with an animation support, yet ūüė¶ so you will find the same slides that can be irritating.

Experimenting with Cardboard

Some cardboard experiments. It is obvious that the humidity will influence the durability of the cardboard furniture, especially in tropics.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Please have a look at my Cardboard Experiment